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Learn From The Best


Cruiser Milwaukee Division operates very much like a military reserve unit. We drill one weekend a month on Saturday and Sunday. Cadets learn hand-on, professional-grade skills from instructors, veterans, and active and reserve duty military personnel, who are experts in their fields. Often times, our unit is requested to - and participates in - special events, such as parades and military or volunteering events. Additionally, we partake in unique field trips encompassing team building skills and/or military knowledge.

Learn, Lead, & Excel!

Like the reserve components, each Cadet can sign up for, and attend a two week or nine day training event, offered both throughout the Summer and during the Winter breaks. Occasionally, additional training may be offered during the summer time. ​These training programs are held all over the country; some are close by, while other are as far as Guam! Our International Exchange Program also affords Cadets the opportunity to travel to other countries and experience the cultures they encounter with Cadets in similar programs there.

​There are over 105 different training opportunities our Cadets have to choose from! Below is only a sample of the different courses and topics:

  • Medical: Basic/Advanced, EMT Services, Surgical Technician, & Veterinary Medicine

  • Aviation: FAA Ground School, Flight Training, & Aircraft Maintenance

  • Dive: SCUBA Certification, Explosive Ordnance, & Underwater Research

  • Public Safety: Police/Master-At-Arms, Fire Fighting, Search/Rescue, Marksmanship/Field Operations, Homeland Security, Hazardous Materials, & JAG/Legal

  • STEM: Sea Perch, Robotics, & Cyber Patriot

  • Leadership: Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA), USNA Summer Seminar (NASS), USMA Summer Leaders Experience (SLE), USAFA Summer Seminar, & USCG Academy Introduction Mission (AIM)

  • Special Operations: SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Tactical Medicine, & Winter Survival

  • International Exchange: Australia, Scotland, United Kingdom,  Hong Kong, Sweden, Bermuda, Japan, Canada, Indian, Korea, New Zealand, & Peru

  • U.S. Navy: Shipboard Operations, Submarine School, Naval Intelligence, Engineering, Vehicle Maintenance, Photojournalism, Music/Band, Ceremonial/Honor Guard, Recruiting Office Duty, & History

  • Coast Guard: Shipboard/Cutter Operations & Maritime Interdiction

  • Construction: U.S. Navy Seabee Field Operations

  • Food Services: Culinary Arts

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