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Cadets meet or "drill" at their local unit weekly or monthly throughout the year. A unit is structured along military lines and is headed by a Commanding Officer. Units may drill on military bases, at reserve centers, local schools, or community centers. Cruiser Milwaukee Division and its NLCC Training Ship VAN VALKENBURGH meet at The Richardson School for its drills.

Cadets are instructed by both Sea Cadet Officers and senior Sea Cadets through classroom and applied instruction in subjects such as basic seamanship, military drill, leadership, knot tying and splicing, signaling, water safety and swimming, first aid, and even fire fighting. Cadets also receive instruction in military drill and discipline and are taught from a syllabus covering naval history to ship nomenclature.   In addition to classroom and drill and skills training, Cadets get the opportunity to participate in community events such as parades and fairs.


Sea Cadets who have been recommended and appointed by the Commanding Officer have the opportunity to participate in the Color Guard.  The Cruiser Milwaukee Color Guard has had the privilege of presenting the colors at civic and community events and parades.  Cadets selected are given special training in flag presentation and protocols.


Cadets participate in community service throughout the region.  In the past year, Cruiser Milwaukee cadets have volunteered at the American Legion and various veteran and veteran support organizations.  Cadets earn ribbons for their work as well as hours for school reporting. Commitment to service and community is a key element in building character and sense of responsibility.

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